Reach can only be defined by Reaching.. Reach can only be defined by Reaching..

About Us

Brainizen is founded by Silicon Valley veterans with passion for excellence combined with rich experience of working with innovative startups as well as big corporates known for leading disruptive innovations. Our foundation is the seasoned experience that is mix of both Indian instinct and silicon valley ingenuity.

What We Do

With the advent of many social networking applications, people have been interacting faster and better than ever before. Though these applications have provided improved ways of communication, they have also created another set of challenges like fake users, trolls, unverified information amongst several others. We strongly believe that there is a real need to innovate on how connections are formed and keep the information relevant. We aim to build best-in-class platform to address these challenges and facilitate effective collaboration.

Our Culture

Ethics and Integrity are our core values – “Respect Others” and “Do What You Say and Say What You Do”. Responsibility, Ownership and Accountability are our non-negotiables. Flexibility and freedom enabling work-life balance is what is on top of our mind and we look upon you to define that!


Current Openings

If you like getting challenged, love solving problems, and are passionate about building new things. If you hate the status quo and enjoy stepping out of your comfort zone. In short, if you are a startup person, then we are looking for you!

User Engagement Head

  • Experience: 3-5 years
  • Skills: Passion to understand and analyze user behavior, community building, user engagement campaigns
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Software Engineer (React Native)

  • Experience: 3-5 years
  • Skills: React Native, Javascript, IOS and Android app development

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User Acquisition Head

  • Experience: 3-5 years
  • Skills: Sound understanding of traction channels, Understand the target user persona and drive product adoption
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